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Iranian Shiite Terror Cell in Nigeria Followed a Familiar Pattern

Shiite communities around the world represent the infrastructure upon which Iran builds its subversive policies worldwide. Read More »

Iran’s Attempted Rapprochement with Egypt: Implications for Sunni-Shiite Relations

In the wake of the Arab Spring there is a closing of ranks in the Arab world along Sunni Islamic and less Arab-nationalist lines. Read More »

The Abuse of Holocaust Memory in 2011-2012

The Holocaust has become a symbol of absolute evil in Western society. Read More »

Iranian Policy Toward Direct Nuclear Talks with the U.S.

Iran will not hasten to renew the dialogue with the United States, and will want to engage in such talks only from a position of strength. Read More »

Iran: Sanctions Biting, Nuclear Program Progressing

Iran is prepared to pay the price of sanctions, believing it will be able to contain any popular protests as it has done in the past. Read More »

Iran: From Regional Challenge
to Global Threat

This anthology of 31 recent studies by eleven leading security and diplomatic experts outlines the Iranian threat to Israel, the Middle East region, and the West. Read More »

Iran Ramps Up Its Genocidal Rhetoric

Iran is using of the Palestinian issue and denial of Israel’s right to exist to win the hearts and minds of Muslims across the Middle East. Read More »

Iran’s Latest Missile Exercise: A Message of Force Projection

Vol. 12, No. 16 On July 2-4, 2012, the Aerospace Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) conducted a missile exercise, dubbed Great Prophet 7, which involved firing dozens of missiles at a target that resembled a U.S. airbase […] Read More »

The Role of Iranian Security Forces in Syria

Amid the intensifying crisis in Syria, which in recent weeks has seen massacres of the civilian population in various parts of the country, Iranian military, propaganda, and economic assistance keeps flowing in, and its aim is help President Bashar al-Assad survive. Read More »

JPSR: Back Issues

About      Research Areas      Subscribe      Back Issues      Special Issues      Article Subjects   Volume 26, Numbers 1–2 (Spring 2014) Message from the Editor The Jewish Nation-State Bill: Is There a Contradiction between  Judaism and Democracy? By Dr. Joel […] Read More »

Can the West Trust Iranian Commitments?

As long as this is the Iranian political agenda, Tehran will seek to free itself in time from any shackles that are placed on its nuclear program, regardless of the optimism that Western diplomats are now projecting at the end of every round of negotiations. Read More »

Ahmadinejad in Abu Musa: Iran’s Lengthening Shadow in the Gulf

In response to the mounting Iranian challenge in the Gulf, the need for American power in the region has only grown. Read More »

Updating Israel’s Security Policy

If you ask any Arab leader about the greatest threat, he will say Iran – not Israel – but not publicly. Read More »

Will Lebanon Help Iran Circumvent Sanctions?

As part of its efforts to break the grip of Western sanctions, Iran is working intensively to develop its economic ties with Lebanon. Read More »

Iran Targets Yemen

Iran regards Yemen as a springboard for subversion and for creating a tangible threat to Saudi Arabia. Read More »