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Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

Israeli Security, Regional Diplomacy, and International Law


Jewish Political Studies Review


Volume 30, Numbers 3–4

Advance Publication

The Red-Green Alliance and the War against American Jewry, the American-Israel Alliance, and the Foundations of American Democracy

Joel Fishman

On the Prospects of Coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians: An Indian Perspective

Sunil Kumar

Turkey’s AKP and the Myth of Islamist Moderation

Hussein Solomon

Global Politics and the Shaping of Jewish Religious Identity: The Case of Hungary and Galicia

Dr. Menachem Keren-Kratz

Book Reviews

Volume 30, Numbers 1–2

The BDS and Anti-BDS Campaigns: Propaganda War vs. Legislative Interest-Group Articulation

Ellen Cannon

Migration from the Muslim World to the West: Its Most Recent Trends and Effects

Arno Tausch

China in Africa: Beliefs and Reality

David Gakunzi

Oslo in the Perspective of 25 Years—the Dream and Its Demise: A Personal View from a Witness

Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah

The Oslo Accords Saved the PLO and Renewed Its Struggle against Israel

Pinhas Inbari

German Neo-Nazis and a New Party

Thomas Klikauer

Book Reviews

Volume 29, Numbers 3–4

Freedom Denied: A Firsthand Look at Kurdistan’s Referendum Debacle, One Year On

Zach Huff

No Arab Demographic Time Bomb

Amb. Yoram Ettinger

Verses and Reality: What the Koran Really Says about Jews

Israel Shrenzel

The Arab-Muslim Slave Trade: Lifting the Taboo

David Gakunzi

A New Anti-Semitism?

Michel Wieviorka

Book Reviews

Volume 29, Numbers 1–2

Is the Jewish State the Ultimate Evil or a Golden Opportunity? Ideology vs. Politics in the Teachings and Actions of Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum – the Satmar Rebbe

Dr. Menachem Keren-Kratz

To Kill Hope? In Search of a Reliable Strategy to Fight Terrorism

Moshe Yanovskiy, Ilia Zatcovetsky, Dr. Tim Ginker, Sergei Zhavoronkov

The Polish Theologian Waldemar Chrostowski and the Setback of the Christian-Jewish Dialogue

Arno Tausch

The Saudi Specter over the American Education System

Prof. Arnon Gutfeld

Regarding Israel’s Borders: The Bible is neither a Land Registry nor a Legend

Florence Taubmann

Book Reviews

Volume 28, Numbers 3–4

From the Editor

Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah

Israel and the World of Catholicism(s)

Arno Tausch

U.S.-Israeli Ties: The 400-Year-Old Unique Foundations

Amb. Yoram Ettinger

The State of Israel:
A Partner in the Development of the African Continent

Robert Dussey

The Complexity of the Relations between European Jewry and Israel

Amb. Freddy Eytan

Indo-Israeli Relations: A Quest for Great-Power Status Since 1991

Sunil Kumar

Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism – African Style

David Gakunzi

Don’t Confuse the People of Iran with Its Islamic Regime

Michel Taubmann

Agricultural Settlement: Up to the Present and into the Future

Avraham Katz-Oz

On the Roots of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Pinhas Inbari

The Palestinian Authority as a Post-Soviet “Frozen Conflict”

Jamie Berk

Book Reviews