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Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
Strategic Alliances for a Secure, Connected, and Prosperous Region
We are currently in the process of changing our name from the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) to the Jerusalem Center for Foreign Affairs (JCFA) to emphasize our focus on Israeli security and foreign affairs.

Jihad on Campus Unmasked

How Pro-Hamas Students For Justice In Palestine Hijacked U.S. Universities

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Students for Justice in Palestine Unmasked

Hamas, PIJ, and PFLP Terror Links, Violence and Antisemitism on U.S. Campuses

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The JCPA Center for Security, Diplomacy, and Communications (SDC)

The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) has transitioned from its traditional role as an exclusively research-based institute into a multi-faceted center for regional security, diplomacy, and media communications in Arabic, Farsi, and English. JCPA has established an independent communications “nerve center” for the constant and consistent collection of critical content, multi-media platforms, and social networks.

The JCPA Arabic, Farsi, and English communications center works in cooperation with senior journalists from the region and beyond, providing a platform for the dissemination of objective news and analysis.

Initiative for Palestinian Authority Accountability and Reform

The Oslo Accords at 30: Lessons Learned

30 years later, the Oslo Accords have not materialized as their proponents had hoped. The scholars and analysts at JCPA, who have scrutinized the unfolding of this diplomatic process over three decades, have written a series of articles evaluating Oslo’s failures. The Oslo Accords at 30: Lessons Learned compendium concludes with an assessment of the possibilities for a requisite change of direction.

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About the Jerusalem Center

The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs strengthens Israel’s vital security interests, transforming policy research into actionable, applied diplomacy by leveraging our unique position as Jerusalem’s “global embassy,” featuring a culturally diverse team of diplomatic and national security experts, and engaging partners from across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.

Dr. Dan Diker is President of the Jerusalem Center.