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The Daniel Elazar On-Line Library


Daniel Elazar’s writings – his clarity of thought and perspective – have touched many people. Those who read his work often come away feeling that they have learned something new and valuable.

Today’s new electronic information technologies allow anyone in the world to learn and benefit from the treasury of Daniel Elazar’s thought via the Internet. The Daniel Elazar On-Line Library, part of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs website, offer full-text versions of many of his writings, as a lasting memorial to the ideas he pioneered.


What’s Inside?

Jewish Political Tradition:

The Idea of Covenant


American Political Culture


Being Jewish Today

Daniel J. Elazar

In our time, four factors provide the reasons for being Jewish for most Jews – guilt, nostalgia, a sense of ayn breira (that there is no alternative), and the sense of being commanded (mitzuvim). Indeed the Jewish world divides into two groups: those whose Jewishness is basically built around guilt and nostalgia and those whose Jewishness is basically built around some combination of feeling commanded and feeling that there is no alternative. Beyond these there are those few Jews who are Jewish out of love for Jewishness, Judaism and Jewish civilization.

– From “The Vision of the Jerusalem Center”

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