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Combating Delegitimization and BDS


Combating Delegitimization and BDS is a major multilingual public diplomacy program exposing those forces that are questioning Israel’s very legitimacy, while carrying out initiatives to strengthen Israel’s fundamental right to security and to reinforce the connection between the Jewish people and their historical homeland including Jerusalem. The program also provides resources for commentators and educates students to effectively communicate these messages to promote attitude change in targeted populations. Publications include:

Israelophobia and the West

Israelophobia and the West: The Hijacking of Civil Discourse on Israel and How to Rescue It, Dan Diker, ed. (2020)

Our concern centered around the spike in violent antiSemitic attacks against Jews in Europe and the United States and the simultaneous and intensifying defamation, delegitimization, and demonization of Israel – the Jewish collective.

The Palestinian Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel Deception: Unmasked

The Palestinian Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel Deception: Unmasked, Dan Diker and Adam Shay (2019)

Western academic, artistic, cultural, and student organizations have been led to believe that PACBI is a global grassroots organization. This report refutes that assumption.

Students for Justice in Palestine Unmasked

Students for Justice in Palestine Unmasked, Dan Diker and Jamie Berk (2018)

Terror Links, Violence, Bigotry and Intimidation on US Campuses.

The Spider Web: The Roots of BDS and the Campaign to Delegitimize Israel

The Spider Web: The Roots of BDS and the Campaign to Delegitimize Israel, Ehud Rosen (2018)

A roadmap to the malevolent multi-national, global networks and their interlocking connections.

Defeating Denormalization

Defeating Denormalization: Shared Palestinian and Israeli Perspectives on a New Path to Peace, Dan Diker, editor (2018)

This study reveals the demand among a growing number of Palestinians for engagement and opportunity together with their Israeli neighbors. Many Palestinians and virtually all Israelis prefer cooperation over denormalization.

BDS Unmasked: Radical Roots, Extremist Ends

BDS Unmasked: Radical Roots, Extremist Ends, Dan Diker (2016)

Global BDS activists have exploited Hamas terror campaigns and Fatah incited and incentivized political violence to invigorate their political and economic warfare campaign against Israel.


Palestinian Manipulation of the International Community, Amb. Alan Baker (ed.) (2014)

The lengthy and continuing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has evolved, over the years, through various phases or cycles of terror on the one hand, and attempts at peace-making on the other.


Changing Forms of Incitement to Terror and Violence: The Need for a New International Response, Amb. Alan Baker, ed. (2012), proposes a “Draft International Convention for the Prevention of Incitement to Terror.”

Incitement is the medium through which the ideology of terror materializes into the act of terror.


The “Al-Aksa Is in Danger” Libel: The History of a Lie, Nadav Shragai (2012)

The modern blood libel “Al-Aksa is in danger,” referring to the Al-Aksa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, originated in the days of Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini, ally of Hitler, and is propagated today by Sheikh Raed Salah, Hamas, Hizbullah, Iran, and many others in the Muslim world. Now that it has come to be regarded as unalloyed truth by millions in the Muslim world, it is urgent to address this lie.

Israel’s Rights as a Nation-State in International Diplomacy

Israel’s Rights as a Nation-State in International Diplomacy (2011)

This book explains clearly why the Jewish people deserve a state of their own and refutes all the major claims against Israel’s rights.

legal_case_guidebook_coverright_self_defense_cover Israel’s rights under international law have been the focus of a broad range of studies by legal experts. Over 100 of these articles are available online through the International Law Portal on our website, Many of these studies are also available in ebook format in Israel’s Legal Case: A Guidebook (2011) and Israel’s Right of Self-Defense: International Law and Gaza (2011).