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Changing Forms of Incitement to Terror and Violence:
The Need for a New International Response

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The most neglected yet critical component of international terror is the element of incitement. Incitement is the medium through which the ideology of terror actually materializes into the act of terror itself. But if indeed incitement is so obviously and clearly a central component of terrorism, the question remains: why does the international community in general, and international law in particular, not posit a crime of incitement to terror? Is there no clear dividing line between incitement to terror and the fundamental right to freedom of speech? With such questions in mind, the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung held an international conference on incitement. This volume presents the insights of the experts who took part, along with a Draft International Convention to Combat Incitement to Terror and Violence that is intended for presentation to the Secretary-General of the United Nations.


Introduction – Alan Baker

Beyond Radical Libertarianism: Internet Freedom and the Rule of Law –  Michael Mertes

The Hybrid Terrorist Organization and Incitement – Boaz Ganor

From Big Lies to the Lone Wolf: How Social Networking Incubates and Multiplies Online Hate and Terrorism – Rabbi Abraham Cooper

Anti-Zionism, the Left, and the Islamists in Britain – Robert Wistrich

On Anti-Zionism and Anti-Israelism – Elhanan Yakira

The Delegitimization of Israel in Schools in the Western World – Manfred Gerstenfeld

The Incitement and Culture of Peace Index: Methodology and Trends – Yosef Kuperwasser and Asher Fredman

Deception: The Palestinian Authority’s Public Commitments and Its Actual Activities and Messages – Itamar Marcus

Palestinian Incitement and Peace: An Insurmountable Incompatibility – Joel Fishman

Anti-Jewish Sentiments and Stereotypes in Arab and Muslim Schoolbooks – Yohanan Manor

The Smarter Bomb: Women and Children as Suicide Bombers – Anat Berko

Incitement in Rwanda: The Path to Genocide – Gregory S. Gordon

Incitement, Hate Language, and Terror: An Epidemiologic Perspective – Elihu D. Richter and Yael Stein

Incitement to Terrorism in International Law – Yaël Ronen

Palestinian Incitement as a Violation of International Legal Norms – Alan Baker 


Draft International Convention for the Prevention of Incitement to Terror