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Jerusalem Studies





The Mayor’s Vision for Jerusalem – Nir Barkat

Jerusalem: Israel’s Eternal Capital – Book
Europe Seeks to Divide Jerusalem – Dore Gold
The Fight for Jerusalem – Dore Gold
The U.S.-Israeli Dispute over Building in Jerusalem: The Sheikh Jarrah-Shimon Hatzadik Neighborhood – Nadav Shragai
The Mount of Olives: Why Continued Israeli Control is Vital – Nadav Shragai
The Struggle for Jerusalem – Dore Gold
The Palestinian Authority and the Jewish Holy Sites in the West Bank: Rachel’s Tomb as a Test Case – Nadav Shragai
Jerusalem: Capital of the Jews: The Jewish Identity of Jerusalem in Greek and Roman Sources – Rivkah Duker Fishman
The Destruction of the Temple Mount Antiquities – Mark Ami-El
The European Union Report on Jerusalem: Distortions and Omissions – Nadav Shragai
Legal Divergences Between the European Union and Israel With Regard to Jerusalem – Manfred Gerstenfeld
The Jerusalem Jewish Community, Ottoman Authorities, and Arab Population in the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century: A Chapter of Local History – Jacob Barnai
The Political Role of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate in the Temple Mount Question – Yoel Cohen
The Latest Damages to Antiquities on the Temple Mount – Nadav Shragai
Protecting the Contiguity of Israel: The E-1 Area and the Link Between Jerusalem and Maale Adumim – Nadav Shragai


Mayor Barkat on a United Jerusalem and the Master Plan of Expansion
Consensus on Defensible Borders and a United Jerusalem
Israel’s Right to Build in Jerusalem