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Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
Strategic Alliances for a Secure, Connected, and Prosperous Region

Black American-Israel Leadership Initiative


The Jerusalem Center’s joint diplomatic-educational PEACE-Promise project, which includes diplomatic missions to Africa and Israel,  with the U.S.-based Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel (IBSI) engages young Black American and African leaders and influencers by educating and empowering them with political facts and historical context to combat antisemitism in the Black community and enhance understanding and cooperation between Blacks, Jews, and the Jewish state.

IBSI engages its ”ambassadors” Black community activists and pastors in a holistic educational approach that teaches authentic Black history, including the spiritual tradition of the Black church’s connection with Israel and Zionism. IBSI’s frontal and direct approach to controversial issues, such as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and Black-Jewish relations is pro-active and provides continuing education and advocacy support for its ambassadors in the United States, a feature which distinguishes “Promise” from other advocacy programs. JCPA’s Promise educational course is given by its experts via Zoom and continues into IBSI’s PEACE mission to South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Israel, where ambassadors meet face-to-face with our experts. PEACE provides ambassadors with firsthand experience of Israel’s cultural, religious, and ethnic diversity, its technological achievements, and its long-standing partnership with African states.