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Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

Israel’s Global Embassy for Research-Powered Diplomacy


Palestinian Authority Accountability Initiative


In 2016, the Jerusalem Center launched a pathbreaking research initiative documenting the Palestinian Authority’s official payments to terrorists and their families. This led to legislation both in Israel and the U.S. Congress (the Taylor Force Act) that conditioned aid to the Palestinian Authority on the cessation of these terror-incentivization payments. The Jerusalem Center is expanding the anti-“Pay for Slay” initiative to hold the Palestinian Authority to account for its widespread corruption, “apartheid” propaganda, and international lawfare against the State of Israel. The Center intends to mobilize international donor states to:

  • Force the PA to moderate its violent incitement against Israel and Jews.
  • Cease the Palestinian Authority’s subversion of Israel’s existence as the nation-state of the Jewish people on the world stage.
  • Expose the PA’s antisemitic rhetoric and political warfare in international institutions.
  • Develop and deepen Western critical discourse on the PA narrative.
  • Upgrade Israel’s peace profile in the West.
  • Promote a moderate Palestinian Authority that will advance a free and democratic society that truly represents the interests of Palestinians.