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Palestinian and Israeli Officials Debate PA Payments to Terrorists

Filed under: Fatah, Palestinians, Terrorism

Fatah Member Ahmed Ghoneim and Brig.-Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser debated this week the $350 million paid out last year by the PA to terrorists and their families. Ghoneim: “We are free to support all Palestinian groups. Those families are very weak and they need the financial support from the Palestinian Authority.” Kuperwasser: “These payments have nothing to do with whether these families are weak or not. They don’t have to go through any financial needs test to get the money. The only reason they get the money is because they carry out terror attacks against Israelis.” “More than that, they get more money if they carry out worse attacks because the more time you spend in prison, which means that you carried out an attack that caused more damage, the payments grow with the time. When you reach the really heavy sentences like more than 20 years, you get a salary from the Palestinian Authority that is five times more than the average salary….They call them prisoners of war and define them in their law as ‘the fighting sector of the Palestinian Authority’.” “Is there a justification that the United States will give the Palestinians money in order to pay salaries to terrorists to kill Israelis? Is there any logic behind that?”

(i24news) Calev Ben-David and Nurit Ben