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Iran’s IRGC Quds Force Commander: “The Palestinian Resistance Movement Will Make the Sea, the Land, and Skies into Hell for the Zionists”

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Commander of Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Quds Force (IRGC-QF), Major General Qassem Suleimani, sent a rare message to the “Palestinian resistance movements’” military wings – Ezzeddin Al-Qassam (Hamas), Saraya Al-Quds (Palestine Islamic Jihad), Abu Ali Mostafa (PFLP), Nasser Salaheddin (Popular Resistance Committees), Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades (Fatah), and other forces fighting in Gaza – hailing them for their operations against Israel.The full version of the message was published in alMayadeen, affiliated with Hizbullah and Iran. 1 2

Suleimani masterminded the transfer of rockets and know-how to Hamas and the PIJ during operation “Pillar of Defense” and the ongoing operation, “Protective Edge.” Soleimani is Iran’s top behind-the-scenes strategist and coordinator of special and subversion activities throughout the Middle East and beyond (Africa, South America). He is also the man tasked with Assad’s survival and Iran’s deadly special ops in Iraq.

In his message Suleimani reiterated Iran’s support for the Palestinian organizations:

“Just like in the past we have put into action our religious duty to support the resistance, we will continue this duty and will push on with our support and aid until the moment of victory, until the resistance on the ground, in the air and sea will be transformed into a hell for the Zionists. The murderers and the mercenaries should know that we will not withhold not even for a minute our support for the resistance and our standing behind the Palestinian nation, and that we don’t have a grain of hesitation in this regard… May God damn any oppressor who has in the past and still defends and supports this criminal (Zionist) regime, especially the United States who is the chief propagator of injustice and oppression in the world….”

Suleimani added: “We are witnessing painful scenes in Palestine, and we feel pain and grief in our hearts, a grief that encompasses within it a deep rage, a rage that we will pour at the suitable time over the heads of the criminal Zionists… and in the meantime …we recommend in this historic and important moment, to our Muslim brothers to aim their weapons, blood, and dignity to defend humanity and Islam rather than to fight each other which makes the enemies glad and weaken us… Unity for Palestine instead of war will scare the enemies.  We tell all that we are in love with martyr death – and that martyr death for the sake of Palestine, and for the sake of Quds is not only the aspiration of every honorable Muslim, but also a source of pride for every freedom-loving human being.”

“We will not, for one moment, set down our promise to support the Palestinian people’s resistance until they are victorious.”

Suleimani added in response to the possible disarming of Hamas and demilitarization of Gaza, “Let the entire world know that demilitarization and disarming the resistance is but some baseless and invalid idea, an unattainable illusion and a deranged dream which will not see the light of realization and will only come true in the graveyard (of the Zionists) .… The Palestinian resistance movement will make the sea the land and skies into hell for the Zionists.”