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Hizbullah’s Third Failed Retaliatory Attack against Israel

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Hizbullah’s Third Failed Retaliatory Attack against Israel
IDF flares over southern Lebanon, as photographed from a community in Israel’s north. (IDF spokesperson)

Hizbullah denied Israeli reports this week claiming that Hizbullah fighters opened fire on Israeli soldiers near Manara on August 24, 2020 and termed the charge a “laughable incident.”1 Hizbullah belittled Israel, saying that since Israel “assassinated” one of its fighters near the Damascus airport in June, the Israeli army has been diagnosed with “severe Hizbullah-mania.” Israel has been reporting Hizbullah-involved incidents that “were fake,” Hizbullah responded.

It appears that Nasrallah’s failures to respond successfully so far to the Damascus event and his inability to achieve a “balanced [casualty] equation” that he is determined to secure, forces Nasrallah to hide the reality and propagate lies that Israel is inventing these events. Nasrallah is resolute to continue and attack Israeli military targets near the border so that he can actually reach his “balanced equation.”

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