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American and British Solidarity with Israel and France’s Fear

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American and British Solidarity with Israel and France’s Fear
The United States ambassador vetoed the Brazilian-led draft resolution, which called for “humanitarian pauses” in the Israel-Gaza crisis. The United Kingdom and Russia abstained, and France joined 11 other countries to support the resolution. (United Nations)

President Biden is the bravest leader on the planet. His whirlwind trip to Israel, a country in the midst of war, considerably strengthened United States support for Israel’s just and legitimate cause. The warm speeches and his participation in the war cabinet are a first in the history of the Jewish state. But beyond the formidable bilateral friendship, the messages from the American president prove that Israel can count on him to ensure its security in the face of regional escalation, in the face of the great powers, and against the forces of evil. 

At a time when the Security Council is trying to vote on a resolution to the detriment of the State of Israel, only the United States is willing to veto it. How can France align itself with Russia, China, and the Arab countries in this vote? Why didn’t France have the courage to support the American position or abstain? How can the double game of Emanuel Macron be explained, who pronounces beautiful words of solidarity but hesitates to take action, such as visiting Israel as his counterparts, the German Chancellor or the British Prime Minister? It is in times of distress that true friends appear. Israel appreciates very much UK Prime Minister Sunak’s speech. He told Netanyahu, “We stand with Israel; Hamas should be called terrorists.”

Israel can understand the fears of Arab leaders, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and the Emirates regarding the Palestinian people, but how can France’s indifference be explained?

In this new war, Hamas is imposing on Israel disinformation, and fake news is again triumphant. Without scruple, without respecting the fundamental rules of journalism, the international press rushed to accuse Israel of having bombed a hospital in Gaza. 

All the testimonies prove an errant Islamist Jihad rocket was responsible for the carnage. Washington and London rejected Hamas’ assertions, while in Paris, there was hesitation. Why put the credibility of a democratic country at stake? Why, as in the al-Doura affair in 2000, would a Western government prefer the version of Hamas terrorists? This is how to indirectly encourage terrorism, antisemitism, and the delegitimization of the Jewish State. The shocking report was broadcast and rebroadcast on every channel on the planet and triggered waves of protest, hatred, and violence worldwide.

In this new affair, too, disinformation, manipulation, and lies are the tools of Palestinian leaders, experts in fake news in the face of the anger and frustration of the Israeli authorities.

In reality, Islamist leaders are hardly concerned about freedom of the press, the laws of war, or the fate of their Palestinian brothers. Moreover, no country in the Arab League is offering to welcome the new refugees.

Today, the Palestinian version is always more credible in the eyes of certain journalists who cover the Arab-Israeli conflict. However, there is no doubt that the press in Israel is entirely free, and the IDF’s information is credible.

Al Jazeera Non-Grata

Given the avalanche of news on social networks and the manipulation of images and facts, Israel should refuse the presence of Al Jazeera [AJ] correspondents.

This Qatari propaganda channel of the Muslim Brotherhood blindly supports Hamas and should not be accredited by the Israeli authorities. It does not meet the criteria of foreign television. In Arabic and live, the reports are not always accurate and often truncated.  AJ’s truth impairment was evident, particularly during the Second Intifada in September 2000, the Second Iraq War in 2003, the Arab Spring in Tunisia in 2011, and Egypt and Syria. The collusion with Islamist terrorist groups and anti-American Arab regimes is also transparent and blatant. Yesterday, AJ’s heroes were Bin Laden of al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein of Iraq. Today, they are Hizbullah, Hamas, and Daesh.

Don’t confuse Israel’s war with Hamas with other armed conflicts on the planet. There is no comparison to the devastating wars in Syria, Iraq, or Yemen, the wars led by NATO countries, or the one currently taking place in Ukraine.

The IDF fights Palestinian terrorism to protect defenseless civilians. The raids are pinpoint and accurate to avoid innocent people’s death. The IDF is one of the few armies worldwide that thoroughly investigates every incident and unequivocally acknowledges mistakes made. Israeli soldiers and officers are sometimes indicted, something unheard of in Western armies.

Criticism is legitimate, but prejudice, misinformation, and delegitimization are unacceptable.

Israel must tirelessly continue its duty to reveal the whole truth about the conflict while denouncing the scourge that drives the false propaganda and fake news of the Palestinians and certain press.

In this new armed conflict, the people of Israel appreciate the exemplary conduct of IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari. With composure and wisdom, he informs the press and Israel’s public about the war’s progress. All his information is precise and credible.

Israel is preparing to launch a large-scale military campaign against Hamas and rescue more than 200 hostages. This war will be long and painful. Israel must win it to ensure peace and security for all Israeli citizens. Israel’s people have no alternative or any other country to live in.