Menachem Elon

Menachem Elon is an Israeli jurist and Professor of Law specializing in Mishpat Ivri, and a prolific author on traditional Jewish law. He served as a justice on the Israeli Supreme Court from 1977-1993 and as its Deputy President from 1988-1993.

Publications by Menachem Elon

The Contribution of Spanish Jewry to the World of Jewish Law

Spanish Jewry’s contribution to post-Talmudie halakhic literature may be explored in part in The Digest of the Responsa Literature of Spain and North Africa, a seven-volume compilation containing references to more than 10,000 Responsa ? answers to questions posed to the authorities of the day. Another source of law stemming from Spanish Jewry may be found in the community legislation (Takanot HaKahal) enacted in all areas of civil, public-administrative, and criminal law. Among the major questions considered here are whether a majority decision binds a dissenting minority, the nature of a majority, and the appropriate procedures for governance. These earlier principles of Jewish public law have since found expression in decisions of the Supreme Court of the State. Read More »