Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall

IDF Lt.-Col. (ret.) Michael (Mickey) Segall, an expert on strategic issues with a focus on Iran, terrorism, and the Middle East, is a senior analyst at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and at Alcyon Risk Advisors.

Publications by Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall

Is Iran Heading for a Collapse? – Internal Implications

I think all the components of the gathering storm are there. Read More »

Iran’s Regime Faces Widespread Economic and Political Unrest

The scapegoats for the crisis are the U.S. and President Rouhani Read More »

“Jerusalem Day” in Iran

Iranians Call on the Regime to Support Them, Not the Palestinians Read More »

Iranian Demonstrators Killed in Violent Clashes in Kazerun

Iranian media outlets prefer to focus on Gaza rather than on events in Iran Read More »

Israel’s Attacks on Iran’s Revolutionary Guard in Syria Spur Internal Disputes in Iran

Internal fears in Iran that it will pay a price for its aggression Read More »

Iran: U.S. Embassy Transfer Will Hasten the End of the “Zionist Regime”

$100,000 bounty offered to blow up the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem Read More »

Iran’s Response to the Cancellation of the Nuclear Agreement

Iranian Leadership Expresses Defiance of the West Read More »

Yemen’s Houthis Target Vital Saudi Arabian Infrastructure and Cities

Houthis mark third anniversary of Saudi military campaign Read More »

Has the “Arab Spring” Returned to Tunisia?

Tunisia employs a safety valve on protests. Read More »

Protests Spread Across Iran

The demonstrators in Iran: we are more important than Syria, Gaza, and Lebanon Read More »

Escalation in the Conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia

Iran Now Threatens the Emirates Read More »

Iran and Hamas Reconnect

Hamas’ Troubles Are Pushing It into Tehran’s Arms Read More »

Iran’s New Defense Minister Is Committed to Iran’s Missile Program and the Export of the Revolution

“Committed to the end of Israel within 25 years.” Read More »

ISIS Attacks in Tehran will Limit Rouhani’s Reform Bid and Embolden Revolutionary Guard

Evaluation of the ISIS Attack on Iran’s Parliament – Challenge to Rouhani

Read More »

Rouhani’s Second Term: On a Collision Course with the Revolutionary Guards

Domestic and external differences are inevitable Read More »

Yemen Has Become Iran’s Testing Ground for New Weapons

Iran’s drones and naval weapons also threaten Israel Read More »

Russia Seeks Another Mediterranean Naval Base in Libya

Russia expands areas of influence in the Middle East Read More »

Rafsanjani’s Death Strengthens the Revolutionary Guards

An ally of President Hassan Rouhani departs the scene Read More »

Iranian Vigilance over Netanyahu Visit to Azerbaijan

Iran fears the ties between the Jewish state and the secular Shia state. Read More »

Iranian Missiles in Houthi Hands Threaten Freedom of Navigation in Red Sea

Iran and proxies could throttle regional choke points Read More »

Ethnic Opposition to Iran’s Regime Is on the Rise

In Iran, oppressed Kurdish and Arab Sunni minorities awaken Read More »

Cracks in the Iran-Syria-Hizbullah-Russia Axis

Even a scorecard won’t explain who’s shooting at whom today. Read More »

Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps: The Revolution Continues beyond Iran’s Borders

No restraint in Revolutionary Guard’s campaigns Read More »

Why Are Arab States Worried in Wake of Iran Nuclear Deal?

Iran affairs expert Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall discusses the turmoil in some Arab states in the wake of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. Read More »

After JCPOA: Has the Iranian Threat to Israel Intensified?

Jerusalem Center Research Fellow Dan Diker Interviews: Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah and Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall Read More »

Iranian-Saudi Relations before the Abyss

An ancient cold war turns hot Read More »

Samir Kuntar: Iranian Proxy Leader Killed in Syria

Sacred Shiite site in Syria becomes killing field Read More »

Terror Is Terror Is Terror

The US approach to terror is unfocused, selective and indulgent Read More »

Iran’s Stake in Syria

Iranian and Russian involvement in Syria reflect the instability in the Middle East Read More »

The Nuclear Deal: No Pause in Iran’s Vow to Destroy Israel

Ayatollah Khomeini’s founding vision of the eradication of Zionism still guides Iran’s religious, political and military establishment. Read More »

Iran’s Supreme Leader Challenges U.S. Policy in the Middle East

Khamenei: Stopping the Struggle against the United States Contravenes the Koran; Iranian Policy in the Middle East Is the Complete Opposite of U.S. Policy. Read More »

Iran: Challenging Our Missile Program Means Crossing a Red Line

Iran’s defense minister: Our missile capability is our own and we won’t accept anyone’s interference. Read More »

U.S. Administration Highlights Iran’s Involvement in Terror

U.S. Government documents Iran’s international terrorism. Read More »

The Iranian President Toes the Supreme Leader’s Red Lines

Iranian “red lines” are clear.  Are they clear in Washington? Read More »

Iran Seeks a Foothold in Iraq’s Sunni Anbar Province

“What is occurring in Iraq is actually a Persian conquest” Read More »

Iran Keeps Defying the United States in the Persian Gulf – So Far with Impunity

Iran naval ships harass and seize Western commercial ships. Read More »

Holocaust Denial Is Alive and Well in Iran

Iran stages cartoon contest to deny and mock the Holocaust. Read More »

Khamenei Redefines Iran’s Red Lines for Nuclear Talks

After nuclear “agreement,” Iranian leaders stake out hard line positions. Read More »

Iran’s Defiance: Flaunting a Cruise Missile with 2,500 Km. Range

Despite critical nuclear negotiations, Iran defiantly unveils new missile. Read More »

A Bad Agreement with Iran Will Undermine Middle East  Stability

Iran regards itself as spearheading a redress of historical injustices that relegated the Shiites to a minor status in the Arab and Islamic world. Read More »

Iran: “Killing of Senior Hizbullah and IRGC Officials Will Hasten Israel’s Destruction”

After the death of their commanders in Syria, Hizbullah and Iran have a dilemma. Read More »

Iran Accelerates Arming of Hizbullah and Hamas for Possible Clash with Israel

Iran adds the West Bank to its confrontation with Israel. Read More »

Iran’s Supreme Leader Calls for Annihilation of Israel on Eve of Nuclear Talks

Khameini: Only cure for Israel is to be annihilated Read More »

Iran Marks Ashura and the Takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran

The Shiite holy period of Ashura could be marked with more Sunni-Shiite violence. Read More »

How Iran Views the Fall of Sana’a, Yemen: “The Fourth Arab Capital in Our Hands”

Iran commands the Strait of Hormuz and now is trying to seize the Bab el-Mandeb Strait Read More »

The Long Road to Choosing a New Leader in Iran

It appears that during the coming months’ maneuverings Khamenei will continue to signal that he holds the reins of power. Read More »

Iran’s Threats to “Arm the West Bank” Must Be Taken Seriously

Iran’s claims that it was able to intercept an Israeli UAV were apparently meant to serve Iranian propaganda purposes. Read More »

Across Time and Death: Iran and the ISIS Challenge

Fierce, radical Sunni-jihadist winds now blow throughout the region, and the jihadists strive (and sometimes also succeed) to breach and erase borders and states. Read More »

Iran’s IRGC Quds Force Commander: “The Palestinian Resistance Movement Will Make the Sea, the Land, and Skies into Hell for the Zionists”

Read More »

Iran: The Regional Power behind the Hamas War Effort

Since the calm that was achieved after Operation Pillar of Defense in 2012, Iran has been investing heavily in improving the quantity and quality of the rockets in the Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) arsenals. Read More »

“The Father of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard’s Missile Program Is Firing at Tel Aviv”

The current round of fighting between Israel and Hamas in Gaza in “Operation Protective Edge,” illustrates the regional isolation of Hamas. Read More »

Long-Range Iranian-Made Missiles Used by Hamas during “Operation Protective Edge”

Iran has not yet reacted officially to “Operation Protective Edge” currently being waged in Gaza. Read More »

Iran Claims to Have Replicated Downed Advanced American Drone

It is not clear how much truth there is to the Iranian claim. Read More »

Iranian Strategy Feeds Off Perceived Western Weakness

Institute for Contemporary Affairs, founded jointly with the Wechsler Family Foundation  Vol. 14, No. 12    May 1, 2014 With a further round of the nuclear talks between Iran and the West to be held in mid-May, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali […] Read More »

Iran’s Fortunes Rising in a Middle East Vacuum

Iran is behind recent attacks on Israel’s northern and southern borders. Read More »

How Nuclear Talks Help Iran Dominate the Middle East

Iran foresees no substantial danger as it keeps marching toward its strategic goals. Read More »

The Internal Iranian Struggle in the Aftermath of the Geneva Nuclear Agreement

Rouhani’s charm offensive does not add up to a real change in Iran. Read More »

Sworn to Destruction: What Iranian Leaders Continue to Say about Israel in the Rouhani Era

Iranian leaders are consistent in their anti-Israel rhetoric, clear about their hostile intentions, and certain of their apocalyptic beliefs. Here are their top anti-Israel statements from 2013, with links to the original source in Persian. Read More »

Iran Looks Beyond the Nuclear Talks

Iran sees itself coming to the nuclear negotiations from a position of strength. Read More »

Iran vs. the West: Endgame?

Iran is not entering the nuclear negotiations out of weakness, but, rather, from a position of strength. Read More »

Rouhani Picks a “Moderate” Nuclear Negotiating Team

Iran will present a new “moderate” team for renewed talks with the West to gain time. Read More »

Iran Responds to Europe’s Blacklisting of Hizbullah

The EU’s blacklisting of Hizbullah’s military wing ignores the fact that Hizbullah is a unitary, hierarchical organization. Read More »

Hassan Rowhani: A Honey Trap for Iran and the World? Sayyed Hassan Rowhani, who adopted the color purple during the election campaign, won an overwhelming victory in the first round of the Iranian presidential election with a majority of over 50 percent, leaving Saeed Jalili (who came in second), […] Read More »

Rowhani’s and Jalili’s Election Propaganda

With a few days remaining before the June 14 presidential elections in Iran, the most fraught, sensitive issue in the campaign concerns Iran’s foreign policy – its relations with the West in general and the nuclear talks in particular. Read More »

Iranian Presidential Candidate Saeed Jalili Calls for Enrichment to 100 Percent

The Iranian nuclear file is one of the burning issues in the current presidential campaign. Two candidates, Saeed Jalili and Hasan Rowhani, have served as Iranian negotiators with the West and flaunt this fact in their election propaganda. Jalili currently […] Read More »

Iran Fears Growing Israel-Azerbaijan Cooperation

Tehran increasingly fears that Azerbaijan is turning into a base for a military attack on its nuclear facilities. Read More »

After Failed Negotiations, Iran Weighs a Nuclear “Breakout”

It does not appear that Iran intends to give up its nuclear activity; instead, it is waiting for the right moment to “break out.” Read More »

Iran’s Attempted Rapprochement with Egypt: Implications for Sunni-Shiite Relations

In the wake of the Arab Spring there is a closing of ranks in the Arab world along Sunni Islamic and less Arab-nationalist lines. Read More »

Iranian Policy Toward Direct Nuclear Talks with the U.S.

Iran will not hasten to renew the dialogue with the United States, and will want to engage in such talks only from a position of strength. Read More »

The Iranian Role in the 2012 Gaza Conflict

Despite Iran’s supply of rockets to Hamas to fire at Tel Aviv, its support of Assad is isolating Tehran. Read More »

Iran: Sanctions Biting, Nuclear Program Progressing

Iran is prepared to pay the price of sanctions, believing it will be able to contain any popular protests as it has done in the past. Read More »

Iran’s Response to Netanyahu’s UN Speech:
Israel, Not Iran, Is the Problem

Iran’s leadership, UN representatives, and state-run media responded to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s UN speech with a coordinated line that presents Israel as the problem instead of Iran, which is said to be pursuing a nuclear program for peaceful purposes […] Read More »

Iran Ramps Up Its Genocidal Rhetoric

Iran is using of the Palestinian issue and denial of Israel’s right to exist to win the hearts and minds of Muslims across the Middle East. Read More »

Iran’s Latest Missile Exercise: A Message of Force Projection

Vol. 12, No. 16 On July 2-4, 2012, the Aerospace Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) conducted a missile exercise, dubbed Great Prophet 7, which involved firing dozens of missiles at a target that resembled a U.S. airbase […] Read More »

The Role of Iranian Security Forces in Syria

Amid the intensifying crisis in Syria, which in recent weeks has seen massacres of the civilian population in various parts of the country, Iranian military, propaganda, and economic assistance keeps flowing in, and its aim is help President Bashar al-Assad survive. Read More »

Iran’s Leaders Say: “Destroy Israel”

Calls for Israel’s destruction are being voiced by a broad spectrum of the Iranian leadership. Read More »

Ahmadinejad in Abu Musa: Iran’s Lengthening Shadow in the Gulf

In response to the mounting Iranian challenge in the Gulf, the need for American power in the region has only grown. Read More »

Iran Targets Yemen

Iran regards Yemen as a springboard for subversion and for creating a tangible threat to Saudi Arabia. Read More »

Iran Takes Off the Gloves

It is no longer clear that Iran sees carrying out an attack in the U.S. as crossing some sort of red line. Read More »

Iran: The Syrian Highway in the Fight Against Israel Is Still Open

The wave of protest in Syria has put to the test the strategic alliance between Iran (and Hizbullah) and Bashar Assad’s regime. Syria is the main state component of the “resistance camp” and serves as a logistical hinterland for Hizbullah, Hamas, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Iran sees its unequivocal backing for Syria as a demonstration of its ability to stay loyal to its allies despite the regional turmoil. Read More »

Iran Signals Its Readiness for a Final Confrontation

Since the November 2011 IAEA report, senior figures of the Iranian regime have begun to use threatening language toward Israel and the U.S. Read More »

Iran Holds Major Air Defense Drill Amid Tensions with Turkey

On September 6-15, 2011, Iran held a four-stage major air defense drill. The exercise took place in the midst of escalating Iranian rhetoric towards Turkey as a result of Ankara’s decision to deploy a radar system in its territory that […] Read More »

Deteriorating Relations between Iran and Turkey

In recent weeks there have been significant signs of a rapid deterioration in relations between Iran and Turkey. This centers on growing Iranian resentment of the critical position that Ankara has adopted towards continued violent oppression by Bashar al-Assad and […] Read More »

Iran Sees New Opportunity for Regional Domination Despite Turkish Competition

In the Iranian lexicon, one does not encounter the concept of the “Arab Spring.” Instead, Iran has coined the term “Islamic awakening.” In contrast to the perceived economic enfeeblement of the Western economies headed by the U.S., which constitute the bases of support for the “Zionist regime,” Iran offers a substitute view of a new world order and an alternative, defiant Islamic agenda. Read More »

How Iran Is Helping Assad Suppress Syria’s “Arab Spring”

Since the beginning of the protest wave against Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria, Iran has backed Damascus and assisted it in both the security and propaganda aspects of its violent repression of the protests. Tehran charges that Syria is the victim of an attempt by the West, led by the United States, to overthrow the Assad regime, under cover of the “Arab Spring.” Read More »

Does Iran’s Latest Military Exercise Signal a New Defense Doctrine?

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) is in the midst of a large-scale missile exercise called “Great Prophet 6.” During the exercise, underground missile silos were disclosed, large numbers of surface-to-surface missiles (SSMs) of different ranges were fired, and a new radar system was revealed. Read More »

Latin America: Iran’s Springboard to America’s Backyard

Iran is exploiting its growing ties with Latin American countries for subversive and propaganda activity, terror and smuggling, and the development of long-range military capabilities. There have been reports that Iran is seeking to establish a missile base in Venezuela, at the doorstep of the great Satan. Read More »

Why Iran Is Pushing for a Shiite Victory in Bahrain

Vol. 11, No. 2    June 2, 2011 Bahrain is the locus of a titanic struggle between regional powers representing polar extremes of Islam (Shiite Iran vs. Sunni Saudi Arabia), and international powers’ economic and geo-strategic interests. Washington has been regarded as […] Read More »

Revolutionary Guards’ Influence Grows in Iran as Opposition Falters

On March 8, 2011, Ayatollah Mohammad-Reza Mahdavi Kani, 80, was elected Chairman of the Assembly of Experts, the body that will elect the next Supreme Leader of Iran. Read More »

Is Iran a Role Model for Arab Revolutions?

From Iran’s point of view, recent developments, especially in Egypt (long considered in the West as an anchor of stability and the initiator of a peace treaty with Israel), represent an improvement in Iran’s strategic status. Read More »

Iran: Preconditions and Provocations

Last month’s talks in Turkey offered Iran an opportunity to show how the center of power has shifted from Western dominance to Islamic hegemony under Tehran’s leadership. Iran’s behavior once again demonstrated the limits of dialogue and engagement with the regime. In their current scope, international economic sanctions may damage the Iranian economy and impede the nuclear program’s pace, but they do not suffice to restrain the Iranian leadership from attaining a nuclear bomb. Read More »

Iran Views the Egyptian Revolution as the Direct Continuation of Khomeini’s Revolution

Iran perceives the Egyptian revolution as the direct continuation of the Islamist revolution of Ayatollah Khomeini. In Tehran’s view, the events in Egypt validate Iran’s political doctrine, according to which “true Islam” is the only alternative to the decades-long American hegemony in the Middle East and the path toward independence and the resurrection of the Islamic nations. Read More »

Iran Changes the Balance of Power in Lebanon

Iran no longer hesitates to state publicly that its forward defense line now passes through “Lebanon and Palestine.” In practice, the Lebanese-Israeli border is in fact Israel’s border with Iran. Hizbullah is nourished by the growing strength and power of Iran and draws upon its successes. Both parties recognize that the fall of one also signifies the demise of the other. Read More »