Fiamma Nirenstein

Former journalist Fiamma Nirenstein was a Member of the Italian Parliament; Vice President, Committee on Foreign Affairs, Chamber of Deputies; Chair, Parliamentary Committee for the Inquiry on Antisemitism; Fellow, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs; Board Member, Magna Carta Foundation, European Friends of Israel (EFI); Member, Steering Committee, Interparliamentary Coalition on Combating Antisemitism (ICCA); Founding Member, Friends of Israel Initiative. Author: Israel is Us (2009). Recipient: Israeli Knesset Award for Commitment in the fight against antisemitism.

Publications by Fiamma Nirenstein

Italy Said “No”

The vote in Italy defeated political reform and the prime minister Read More »

European-Israel Relations

* When Abu Mazen gave his speech to the EU Assembly with his “anti-Semitic 14th century blood libel about Israelis poisoning Palestinian waters, nobody said a word; he even received a standing ovation.”

* The recent Quartet/EU document shows two attitudes: the first says “Palestinian terrorism and incitement are a big obstacle to peace. Afterwards is the same old point about settlements which is the European fixation. That’s a European mantra.”

* Abu Mazen thinks “the Europeans will always be on his side…. The Europeans always vote together like a superstition. [The EU representative for foreign affairs] Federica Mogherini repeats all the time ‘the unity, the unity, the unity of the EU.’ Why do they say that? Because the unity is not there. The only kind of union they can repeat is the unity against Israel.” Read More »

European Anti-Semitism

* We must never ignore that Europe has been an anti-Semitic continent, not only Germany and Italy.

* Europe never avoided fighting anti-Semitism after World War II.

* Now, anti-Semitism is connected to “Israelphobia.”

* The EU was born to destroy borders, to overcome ethnic and religious identities. In the eyes of Europe, Israel is a country with borders, defends its borders, searching for roots, identity and has a strong religious drive …. Israel is always at war; “war” is a word that Europe cannot stand. Read More »

Israel Is Us

Israel, contrary to commonly accepted propaganda, is a positive model, a case study for anyone who finds himself living in a democratic society that must eventually confront a defensive war- one that encompasses the entire universe of Western democracy today. Read More »

The Cynical Use of Israel in Italian Politics

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been far from a marginal issue in Italian politics. A few decades ago the Italian Left started to use the conflict as a strategic instrument to build domestic political alliances. The Communist Party, which in the 1990s reconstructed itself as the Democrats of the Left (DS) with which most former communists affiliate, used its criticism of Israel for bridge building with the Christian Democrats. These were Italy’s largest parties up to the early 1990s. Read More »