Ehud Yaari

Ehud Yaari is the Middle East commentator for Israel's Channel 2 Television. He is also an associate editor of the Jerusalem Report, the author of eight books on the Arab-Israeli conflict, and an associate of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

Publications by Ehud Yaari

After the Palestinian Elections

The new Palestinian leadership has decided implicitly to deny Arafat his wish to be recognized as a martyr, as someone who died in battle. This is probably the first step on the road to the de-Arafatization of the PLO and the PA. Abu Mazen wants to do a Sadat. Within six months of succeeding Nasser, Sadat changed the political lay of the land in Egypt, introducing new people and new policies in a dramatic manner. Read More »

The Israeli-Palestinian Confrontation: Toward a Divorce

Arafat exercised a willing suspension of control at the start of the intifada, allowing irregular forces to attack while formal security forces remained on the sidelines. One of the major concepts of Oslo was that in the end there would be a strong, centralized Palestinian authority/ government. This concept is gone. Read More »