Avi Weinryb

Avi Weinryb is a graduate of the University of Toronto (BA Hons, 2007) where he received the ‘Samuel James Stubbs Award’ for academic achievement. Avi served as a Hillel Vice-President and Chair of the Arts and Culture committee at the University of Toronto for two years.

Publications by Avi Weinryb

The University of Toronto – The Institution where Israel Apartheid Week was Born

The University of Toronto is one of the most highly regarded academic institutions in Canada. A coalition of anti-Israel groups initially used the university campus as a launching pad for what has become an annual series of events that take place in dozens of cities around the world. Protesters call for a one-state solution, crippling divestment from Israel, and heavy sanctions. Parallels are drawn between Israel and the Apartheid system as it existed in South Africa. Thus thousands of students Read More »