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The Young Turks’ Crime Against Humanity. The Armenian Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing in the Ottoman Empire, by Taner Akçam

Taner Akçam reminds us in his book The Young Turks’ Crime Against Humanity, that six years ago, a Turkish court sentenced two journalists to a year in jail for using the term, “genocide” to describe “events of 1915.” Read More »

Raed Salah and the Vision of a Global Islamic Caliphate: A Danger to Peace and the Western World

Raed Salah and the Vision of a Global Islamic Caliphate: A Danger to Peace and the Western World On June 3, 2010, Iranian television offered a live broadcast of the mass reception that Israeli Arabs gave Sheikh Raed Salah after […] Read More »

Iran Looks Beyond the Nuclear Talks

Iran sees itself coming to the nuclear negotiations from a position of strength. Read More »

Media Bias and Iran’s ‘Right’ to Enrich Uranium

Last weekend, the International Atomic Energy Agency published one of its regular reports on the status of the Iranian nuclear program. Read More »

Iran vs. the West: Endgame?

Iran is not entering the nuclear negotiations out of weakness, but, rather, from a position of strength. Read More »

Rowhani and the Iranian Elections: Dore Gold Debates Former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw on BBC Radio4 Morning Program

Click to hear the debate June 14, 2013 JOHN HUMPHRYS: I’m joined by Jack Straw, former foreign secretary, and by Dr Dore Gold, former foreign policy advisor to the Israeli Prime Minister. Jack Straw, how should we now be treating, […] Read More »

Rowhani’s and Jalili’s Election Propaganda

With a few days remaining before the June 14 presidential elections in Iran, the most fraught, sensitive issue in the campaign concerns Iran’s foreign policy – its relations with the West in general and the nuclear talks in particular. Read More »

Is Egypt Heading toward a Military Regime?

An increasing number of Egyptians are calling on the army to return to the political scene to replace President Morsi. Read More »

Iran Fears Growing Israel-Azerbaijan Cooperation

Tehran increasingly fears that Azerbaijan is turning into a base for a military attack on its nuclear facilities. Read More »

Iran’s Plans to Take Over Syria

Iran sees the civil war in Syria as a war of survival against a radical Sunni uprising that views Iran and the Shiites as infidels to be annihilated. Read More »

After Failed Negotiations, Iran Weighs a Nuclear “Breakout”

It does not appear that Iran intends to give up its nuclear activity; instead, it is waiting for the right moment to “break out.” Read More »

Stalemate in the Syrian Civil War

On the second anniversary of the civil war in Syria, nothing on the horizon foretells a ceasefire. Read More »

About the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

See also: Annual Report 2017: Jerusalem Center Action and Impact Jerusalem Center Initiatives and Impact (2017) The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs is a leading independent research institute specializing in public diplomacy and foreign policy. Founded in 1976, the Center […] Read More »

Iranian Shiite Terror Cell in Nigeria Followed a Familiar Pattern

Shiite communities around the world represent the infrastructure upon which Iran builds its subversive policies worldwide. Read More »

Iran’s Attempted Rapprochement with Egypt: Implications for Sunni-Shiite Relations

In the wake of the Arab Spring there is a closing of ranks in the Arab world along Sunni Islamic and less Arab-nationalist lines. Read More »