Israel: In-Depth Reports

Mahmoud Abbas Contradicts the Palestinian Narrative on Refugees

Abbas: The Arab armies forced the Palestinians to emigrate. Read More »

Israel and the Arab States

We’re having a certain kind of strategic alignment where we start seeing things in a very similar way. Read More »

Diplomacy Means a Search for Common Ground

It’s important to give people an ideological basis for talking to you, for building a new relationship. Read More »

Bipartisan Diplomacy and American Jewry

How does Israel try to keep Middle East or Israel policy from becoming a purely partisan issue in the United States? Read More »

The Future of Sino-Israeli Relations: Optimism or Caution?

China looks to Israel for innovations and a route to the West Read More »

Khan al-Ahmar and the EU’s Violation of Signed Agreements

Khan al-Ahmar is a cluster of Bedouin structures located in the Judean Desert to the east of Jerusalem. This past year this subject has been heating up. It is located on public land and is situated on the main route […] Read More »

Why is the ICC Prosecutor Interfering in Khan Al-ahmar?

The ICC has no jurisdiction in cases decided by Israel’s Supreme Court. Read More »

Jordan Challenges Israel on Land-Lease Agreement

Israel has been a vital asset for Jordan Read More »

Developing Northern Sinai – A New Diplomatic Paradigm

  Read More »

Selling Oslo to the Jewish Community

A translator for Yitzhak Rabin recalls her role in selling the message of Oslo Read More »

No Arab Demographic Time Bomb

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the Jewish state is not facing an Arab demographic time bomb. Read More »

Avi Gil, The Peres Formula: From the Diary of a Confidant

Gil is apparently perplexed over Peres’s complicated behavior and claims that he had high regard for the thankless mission that Peres took upon himself. Read More »

Moshe Arens, In Defense of Israel

Moshe Arens’s memoir sums up his many years of activity on behalf of the Jewish people and the state of Israel. Read More »

Regarding Israel’s Borders: The Bible is neither a Land Registry nor a Legend

Rejection of politico-religious fundamentalism does not have to lead to ignorance of biblical meanings and their interpretation. Read More »

The Failure of the Palestinian “March of Return” Campaign

Palestinian propaganda is often out of sync with Western audiences Read More »