Iran: In-Depth Reports

What Stands behind Iran’s War Threats?

Is Iran’s leadership becoming unbalanced by the domestic and economic turmoil? Read More »

The Iranian Regime is in Deep Trouble

Will growing pressure force the Iranian government to change its policies? Read More »

Iran Targets Tajikistan. Its Proxies Are Islamic Terrorists

Iran Trains and Finances Islamic Terrorists Read More »

Hizbullah Reveals Its (Iranian-Made) “Air Force”

New Drone Exhibit at Hizbullah’s “Resistance” Museum Read More »

How the U.S. Can Pressure Iran to Dismantle Its Nuclear Facilities

What are the chances that Iran will agree to dismantle its nuclear facilities for good? Read More »

Dance at Home – And Face the Wrath of the Ayatollahs

Iran’s women challenge the conservative and repressive Islamic Republic’s leadership Read More »

Will the Trump-Putin Summit Lead to Some Pushback Against Iran in Syria?

Iran refuses to retreat from the Syrian battleground Read More »

Destabilizing the Iranian Regime in the Aftermath of the JCPOA: The Economic-security Nexus

Book launch of ‘Commercial Risks Entering the Iranian Market: Why Sanctions Make Investment in the Islamic Republic a High-Risk proposition.’ Read More »

Is Iran Heading for a Collapse? – Internal Implications

I think all the components of the gathering storm are there. Read More »

Is Iran Heading for a Collapse? – Nuclear Implications

The purpose of the JCPOA in the eyes of the Iranians is to allow Iran to have a nuclear arsenal in 15 years without bothering about the economic and legitimacy issues. Read More »

Is Iran Heading for a Collapse? – Arab Perspectives

Observations regarding the role of the media and the Arab and the Palestinian perspective. Read More »

Is Iran Heading for a Collapse? – Regional Implications

The question of how economic change in Iran affects the ability of Iran to export its revolution is really critical. Read More »

Is Iran Heading for a Collapse?

Almost all the positive elements in the agreement were put there due to our pressure. Read More »

Iran’s Hardliners Support Rouhani’s Push Back against the United States

President Rouhani and the Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force Threaten to Halt Persian Gulf Oil Exports Read More »

Iran’s Regime Faces Widespread Economic and Political Unrest

The scapegoats for the crisis are the U.S. and President Rouhani Read More »