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Low Turnout for Al-Quds Day Demonstrations in Iran

Al-Quds Day demonstrations in Iran

Radio Zamaneh, an Amsterdam-based Persian language station, posted a number of clips showing the low, embarrassing turnout of people who were brought to al-Quds (Jerusalem) Day demonstrations in Tehran on June 8, 2018, showing an unprecedented lack of interest in a government-sponsored demonstration.

During the demonstrations, Ali Akbar Salehi, head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, went out in the street with his bodyguards to march with the demonstrators for a few minutes. However, he was ambushed by some who cursed him, accusing him of selling out his homeland, and telling him that he deserved to die.

In one link, a young cleric can be seen dressed in religious garb, wearing a turban on his head. He is carrying a sign saying: “Will the day come when we demonstrate for our homeland Iran and our nation, which is suffering, and not for others?” He shows this sign to others, and anyone who walks past him (meaning those who were forcibly dragged to the demonstration against Israel) blesses him, praises him, and justifies him.

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