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Pro-Palestine Protests Are Bad for the Palestinians Themselves

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Why are Palestinian campuses quiet while American campuses are burning? In this captivating episode, Dr. Dan Diker engages in a riveting discussion with award-winning journalist and Palestinian affairs expert, Khaled Abu Toameh.

  • 00:00-08:49 Hamas and the PLO against Biden Administration
  • 08:50-15:54 Disconnect between Washington and the West Bank
  • 15:55-22:54 Biden Pauses Ammunition Shipment to Israel

Delve into the intriguing phenomenon of tranquility on Palestinian campuses juxtaposed with the fervent activism seen on American campuses. Uncover the root causes behind this striking contrast and gain new insights into the dynamics of student engagement across different regions. Tune in to “Israel Under Fire” for this compelling exploration.