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Iran’s Rise as Global Arms Supplies Worries U.S.

Filed under: Iran, U.S. Policy

In this episode of “Israel Under Fire,” Dr. Dan Diker sits down with Dr. Emanuele Ottolenghi, Hezbollah’s Latin America expert, to unveil the intricacies of Iran’s strategic maneuvers in the Middle East and beyond.

00:00-10:22 The Iranian Octopus & October 7th

10:23-16:13 Inside Hezbollah in Latin America

16:14-23:09 Washington’s Moral Clarity

As a senior fellow with deep expertise in Iranian affairs, Dr. Ottolenghi provides a comprehensive analysis of Iran’s geopolitical tactics, regional ambitions, and the broader implications for global security. Gain valuable insights into the methods and motivations driving Iran’s actions on the world stage.