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Conspiracies, Jews, and the Jewish State

Filed under: Anti-Semitism

Age-old anti-Semitic rhetoric has been refashioned to masquerade as a political critique of the state of Israel.

The Corona conspiracy is only the latest retelling of the same historic blood libel.

Since the beginning of time, false accusations of planting and spreading disease, plagues, and pandemics have targeted Jews.

These blood libels rained death and destruction upon European Jewish communities from Paris to Prague and from Rome to Riga.

The Iranian regime, Turkey, and the Palestinian Authority have used adaptations of Nazi propaganda to fuel the latest anti-Semitic crusade against Israel.

Soviet propaganda has also been retrofitted for the digital age.

Jew-hatred masquerading as a political critique has also crashed onto the shores of the united states in Europe.

Anti-Semites of all stripes continue to libel the Jewish state with equally slanderous false accusations of ethnic cleansing, genocide, apartheid, illegal occupation, and crimes against humanity.

…Same people who justify the massacres of Palestinian people… (Linda Sarsur)

…I’m talking about the wicked ones in the Jewish community that run America, run the government, run the world… (Louis Farrakhan)

…That shames Palestinians for resisting, for refusing to do nothing in the face of state violence and ethnic cleansing… (Marc Lamont Hill)

This is the disfigured face of Israelophobia. These lies, slanders, and libels target the Jews everywhere: in Europe, the United States, and in Israel.

…There are certain rabbis in Israel… And they said it very clearly to their government, that our water should be poisoned in order to have Palestinians killed… (Mahmoud Abbas)

The Corona conspiracy is the modern version of the ancient blood libel, but this time it’s the Jewish state that stands falsely accused of engineering the Corona pandemic, infecting Palestinians, and spreading the virus in an effort to control the world.

Combating the new anti-Semitism is not merely an option, it’s a moral imperative.

Governments must come together to fight this plague of anti-Semitism with the same moral and strategic clarity that the world combats the Coronavirus pandemic.

It takes global leadership, it takes political action, and diplomatic initiative, but most of all it requires moral clarity and courage.

Let’s stop the virus from spreading, let’s annihilate anti-Semitism!