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Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
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Confronting Apartheid Antisemitism against Israel and the Jews

Filed under: Anti-Semitism


  • Amichai Chikli, Minister of Diaspora Affairs and Minister for Social Equality
  • Pastor Dumisani Washington, Founder, Institute of Black Solidarity with Israel
  • Klaas Mokgomole, Coordinator, Africans for Peace and South African anti-BDS activist
  • Bishop Dr. Glenn Plummer, Founder, Fellowship of Israelis, Ethiopians and Black Americans
  • Moderated by Dan Diker, President, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

The “apartheid” libel against Israel has metastasized into the mainstream U.S. academic, diplomatic, and cultural discourses. The issue under discussion is whether the “apartheid” assault today constitutes a national security threat to Israel and the Jewish people, and what strategies should be employed to confront and defeat it.

Since 2001, the Jerusalem Center has led research, assessment, and policy recommendations for Israeli decision-makers regarding the apartheid libel.