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Bahraini Journalist: It’s time for the Palestinians to take responsibility

Filed under: Palestinians, The Middle East
Publication: Our Middle East: An Insider’s View

What do the Palestinians need to do in order to join the normalization happening throughout the region? In this episode of “Our Middle East,” Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs President Dan Diker has on Bahraini journalist Abdullah Junaid, Deputy Director of MENA 2050. MENA2050 is an organization led by a big cross-generational group from across the Middle East and North Africa Region working together on an agreed vision for the region in 2050.

They discuss

  • What do Palestinians need to do in order to make peace
  • A “warm peace” with Jordan and Egypt
  • The attitude that Israel and the Gulf States should have towards to the United States.

Find out what is really going on in the region!