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Strategic Alliances for a Secure, Connected, and Prosperous Region
Other Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim Organizations

Other Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim Organizations

Demokratische Komitees Palästinas Berlin e.V. (DKP) 

Demokratische Komitees Palästinas Berlin e.V. (DKP)

In Arabic: Lijan Filastin Al-Dimokratiyya Birlin

In English: Palestinian Democratic Committees Berlin

Orientation: far-left, PFLP

Fields of operation: pro-PFLP advocacy, “direct action” – demonstrations and rallies

The Demokratische Komitees Palästinas Berlin e.V. (DKP) was registered as a company e.V. in February 2012.74 It openly expresses support for the PFLP and promotes and organizes events and demonstrations in Berlin. DKP takes part in the campaign for the release of the PFLP’s Secretary-General Ahmad Sa’adat from Israeli prison. He was sentenced in 2006 for masterminding the assassination of Israeli minister Rehavam Ze’evi. In a placard announcing an event planned for April 17, 2017 that included Sa’adat’s picture marking a V sign, the DKP called to act “against the security coordination and in support of Resistance [muqawamah].”75 In May 2016, DKP held an event overseen by the Shiite Lebanese-orientated Al-Irschad e.V. Berlin76 to mark 16 years of the “victory and liberation day” of the Lebanese Resistance. Many followers of the PFLP reportedly attended the event, according to the PFLP’s own website.77 In June 2017, the DKP was one of over 50 European organizations that signed a petition claiming that Israel prevents Palestinian children in Gaza from receiving medical treatment.78 Many of the other organizations signed on the petition as affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, an interesting point that demonstrates again that the “red-green alliance” also applies within the inner Arab/Palestinian scene.

PFLP, Rosa Luxemburg Memorial Day, Berlin
PFLP, Rosa Luxemburg Memorial Day, Berlin PFLP flags raised and material distributed, Rosa Luxemburg Memorial Day, Berlin, January 2017.79

Muslim Markt (Muslim Market) 

Muslim Markt

Orientation: Muslim

Fields of operation: BDS promoting

Muslim Markt is a website operating since 1999, and it considers itself as the starting-point to Islam for German-speaking believers. The website was founded by two Muslims of Turkish origin, Dr. Yavuz Özoguz and Dr. Gürhan Özoguz. It covers everything pertaining to do with Islam in general and Muslims in Germany and Austria in particular. It aims to provide them with information about their rights that will help them in their daily lives, including co-ordination between Muslim institutions, business partners, work, and even dates for marriages. It is also intended to give insight on burning issues regarding Islam.80

Muslim Markt supports and promotes BDS under the headline “Boykott für Frieden” (Boycott for Peace), publishing many links to activities and remarks on this subject.81

Dr. Yavuz Özoguz (right) and Dr. Gürhan Özoguz
Owners of the site Muslim Markt, Dr. Yavuz Özoguz (right) and Dr. Gürhan Özoguz.82