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Why Israel Must Enter Rafah

Brig.-Gen. Yossi Kuperwasser  |  Jewish Chronicle-UK  |  April 4, 2024

Taking Rafah is necessary to convince the people of Gaza that Hamas is not
coming back.

Israel Must Send a Clear Message to the U.S.

Brig.-Gen. Yossi Kuperwasser  |  Israel Hayom  |  January 2, 2024

Ending major combat operations in Gaza before a decisive victory will allow Hamas to claim it had won.

The 2023-2024 Gaza Terror Campaign

Lt.-Col. (res.) Maurice Hirsch  |  Israel Defense and Security Forum  |  September 21, 2023

Over the last 18 years, Palestinian terrorists have used Gaza as a launching pad for over 20,000 attacks against Israelis.

Breaking the Terror Wave

Brig.-Gen. Yossi Kuperwasser interviewed by Amanda Borschel-Dan  |  Times of Israel  |  June 23, 2023

There are no lone wolves. These are wolves that were bred by PA incitement.

The UN Hypocritically Misrepresents the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Amb. Alan Baker  |  Jerusalem Post  |  June 6, 2023

The UN Charter requires that its officials conduct themselves with impartiality and neutrality.

Does Anyone Really Understand the Two-State Solution?

Amb. Alan Baker  |  Jerusalem Post  |  May 16, 2022

No two-state solution for the Israel-Palestinian dispute can emerge without a stable Palestinian state that represents the entire Palestinian people and removes terror elements and infrastructure.

Instead of Relying on Rogue States like Russia for Energy, the West Should Look to Israel and its Democratic Partners

Amb. Dore Gold  |  Los Angeles Jewish Journal  |  April 19, 2022

The West cannot rely on rogue states for something as fundamental as energy.

Amnesty International’s Moral Turpitude

Fiamma Nirenstein  |  JNS  |  February 4, 2022

The Amnesty report on Israel confuses the attacked with the aggressor.

Has the Palestinian “Apartheid Assault” Backfired in the Middle East?

Dan Diker  |  Jerusalem Post  |  January 24, 2022

Abbas’ pivot to Turkey and Iran has backfired among the PLO’s strongest Arab League supporters.

The IDF’s Commitment to the International Laws of War Is Not a Disadvantage

Brig.-Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser  |  Israel Hayom  |  January 3, 2022

The IDF is careful to uphold the international laws of war because doing so aligns with our own moral codes.

Book Review –

Except for Palestine: The Limits of Progressive Politics

Dr. Joel Fishman  |  Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs  |  December 22, 2021

An Apology for the Elimination of Israel

Iran’s Nuclear Program a Central Pillar of Its “Shi’ite Revival” Vision

Lt.-Col. (ret.) Michael Segall interviewed by Yaakov Lappin  |  JNS  |  December 22, 2021

The Iranians would like to extend a nuclear umbrella over its regionwide activities and feel they have Divine intervention helping them.

The Falsehood of “Ethnic Cleansing” by Israel

Amb. Dore Gold  |  N-12  |  July 8, 2021

Iranian surrogate forces in Syria are expelling the residents of Sunni villages and bringing in the families of Shiite troops from Afghanistan and Pakistan. No one is saying anything.

UN Human Rights Council: Epitome of Hostility and Double Standards

Amb. Alan Baker  |  Jerusalem Post  |  June 9, 2021

Human Rights Council has lost all credibility after ignoring Palestinian rocket fire targeting Israeli civilians

Condition Reopening Washington PLO Office on Ending PA’s “Pay to Slay” Program

David Pollock and Sander Gerber  |  Arab News-Saudi Arabia  |  April 26, 2021

The Anti-Terrorism Act of 1987 declared the PLO a terrorist organization and prohibited the opening of PLO facilities on U.S. soil.

Simply Returning to the JCPOA Would Be a Huge Mistake

Brig.-Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser  |  The Strategist – Australian Strategic Policy Institute  |  April 27, 2021

Iran prefers a return to the JCPOA because it’s a safe path to having the capability to produce a large nuclear arsenal.

Israel Is Showing that There Are Better Ways to Prevent Iran from Producing Nuclear Weapons

Brig.-Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser  |  Fathom-BICOM-UK  |  April 13, 2021

The “maximum pressure” policy caused the Iranian regime enormous difficulties and provides an opportunity to force Iran to accept a much better deal.

Israeli Strategic Observer: “A Lot of Iranian Work in Natanz Went Down the Drain”

Lt.-Col. (ret.) Michael Segall interviewed by Yaakov Lappin  |  JNS  |  April 12, 2021

Iranians have begun mocking the regime for being unable to defend its most critical assets

Recalibrating the Diplomacy of Middle East Peace

Amb. Dore Gold  |  Jerusalem Post  |  March 25, 2021

Palestinian intellectuals move beyond a “two-state solution”

In Memoriam: Sheldon Adelson – A Giant of Our Times

Amb. Dore Gold  |  Israel Hayom  |  January 12, 2021

He was a hero of the Jewish people at a time when there are too few heroes.

The Birth of the Moroccan Sahara and Arab-Israeli Peace

Amb. Dore Gold  |  Jerusalem Post  |  December 25, 2020

Recognition of Moroccan Sovereignty over the Western Sahara Sends a Message to Iran

How Denmark, Sweden, the UN, and the EU Got Suckered into Funding a Terror Organization

Brig.-Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser  |  Tablet  |  September 22, 2020

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine rakes in millions from the West.

Israeli and Arab Interests “Have Begun to Coalesce”

Dore Gold interviewed by Jenni Frazer  |  Jewish Chronicle-UK  |  September 3, 2020

There is great opportunity for dramatic breakthroughs. I am optimistic with respect to what can be done.

Israel Has Been Making Common Cause with the Victims of Regional Aggression for Decades

Amb. Dore Gold  |  Mosaic Magazine  |  August 19, 2020

Israel is not the regional policeman, but it contributes to upholding the regional order along with its Arab allies.

Al-Aqsa Terrorism: The Role of Religious Motivation in Popular Terrorism

Nadav Shragai  |  Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center  |  August 18, 2020

The “Al-Aqsa in danger” libel spurs Palestinian terrorism.

Inside the Struggle between Israel and Hizbullah

Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Dr. Shimon Shapira  |  Tablet Magazine  |  August 11, 2020

A behind-the-scenes look at the contest between Israel and Hizbullah over the past four decades.

The U.S. Should Take Sudan Off Its State Sponsors of Terrorism List

Brig.-Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser |  Times of Israel  |  July 9, 2020

The crimes of Sudan’s former regime should not obscure the moderation of its new leadership

Willful Blindness and the Mistake of Underestimation: The Oslo Gamble

Dr. Joel Fishman and Brig.-Gen. (res.) Yosef Kuperwasser  |  Ariel University, National Resilience, Politics and Society 2(1)  |  June 24, 2020

Terror and violence have remained a part of the program of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

The U.S. Peace Plan, Political Wisdom and Double Standards

Amb. Alan Baker  |  Jerusalem Post  |  June 10, 2020

The Palestinian leadership cannot exercise an indefinite right of veto over peace negotiations.

Israel and the Jordan Valley

Dore Gold interviewed by Armin Rosen  |  Tablet  |  May 15, 2020

“In places like the Jordan Valley where Israel had the highest security interests, it would have to seek actual sovereignty over the territory.”

Tehran’s Bad Faith: Putting the Lie to an Iranian Fable

Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Dr. Shimon Shapira  |  American Interest  |  February 27, 2020

Soleimani confirmed that Israel didn’t kidnap Iranian diplomats in Lebanon

Dore Gold: “We Presented the Americans with What Most Israelis Believe In”

Ariel Kahana  |  Israel Hayom  |  February 16, 2020

How the Jerusalem Center helped the U.S. draft its peace plan

The Components of World Order in the Middle East

Amb. Dore Gold  |  Jerusalem Post Magazine  |  January 3, 2020

The modern Middle East state system emerged to replace the Ottoman Empire.

Turkey’s protection of Hamas is a huge blow to peace in the Middle East

Dore Gold  |  Daily Telegraph  |  December 18, 2019

The Telegraph’s disclosure that Hamas operatives are plotting attacks from Istanbul is raising uncomfortable questions for the Turkish government

Repatriate missing soldiers and civilians

Alan Baker  |  Jerusalem Post  |  December 5, 2019

The international community must acknowledge their return is an obligation, not a bargaining chip.

The Peace to Prosperity Workshop in Bahrain and its Contribution to Reducing the “Representation Gap”

Dr. Joel Fishman and Brig.-Gen. (res.) Yosef Kuperwasser  |  Ariel University, National Resilience, Politics and Society 1(2)  |  December 1, 2019

The Bahrain Economic Workshop Highlighted the Disparity between the Palestinians’ Claims to Moral Superiority and Their Real Goals

Israel’s Rights in the West Bank Under International Law

Alan Baker  |  Tablet  |  November 18, 2019

Understanding law and justice in the world’s most disputed territories

American Withdrawal and the Future of Israeli Security

Amb. Dore Gold  |  The American Interest  |  October 16, 2019

America’s withdrawal from the Middle East validates the Israeli view that it must not rely on external guarantees.

Who Killed Musa Sadr?

Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Dr. Shimon Shapira  |  The American Interest  |  September 26, 2019

He was the champion of the Lebanese Shi’a.