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Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
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JCPA Interns: Where Are They Today?


Mollie Adatto (Summer 2013) is Associate Area Director at Pacific NW AIPAC.

Mason Barnard (2014) is a research assistant at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University.

Joseph Benedyk (2016) is a senior in in Politics and International Relations at Cambridge University. He recently organized Borderlines, an interdisciplinary conference in Cambridge, promoting the exchange of ideas and projections within the arenas of religion, nationalism, and identity in the contemporary world.

Adina Brizel (2013) is a reference librarian at Yeshiva University.

Shmuel Eisenberg is completing a Masters in International Political Economics at Hebrew U.

Spencer Francus (Summer 2014) is an associate at J.P. Morgan on the Global Cyber Partnerships & Government Strategy team, focusing on engagements with industry and government partners to shape global cyber policy and regulation.

Magnus Frank (Summer 2014) completed his BA studies (Middle East and Arabic). He is currently in California at the Middlebury Language School.

Zachary Giesler (2016) is a student of Middle Eastern studies in the dual BA Program between Columbia University and Sciences Po, France.

Allison Good (2010) is a fellow at the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE), working as an International Relations Specialist in DOE’s Office of African and Middle Eastern Affairs.

Ariella Gordon (2014) is completing a Masters in Political Communication at the London School of Economics.

Sam Gordon (2015) is a student at the Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington.

Dan Hammerman (2015) is a Programming and Development intern at Seeds of Peace

Ryan Hartney (2015) graduated from Tufts University in May and just started a two-year rotational program at Raytheon doing contracts management.

Amy Hillman (2010) works at Deloitte Israel.

David Hoffman (2012-2013) is Adjutant to the Head of the Civilian Coordination Branch of the Civil Administration of Judea and Samaria. David is a Non-Commissioned Officer serving the Civilian Administration of Judea and Samaria for the Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories under the Ministry of Defense.

Josh Holt (Summer 2016) was elected to lead the Union of Jewish Students in the UK.

Cara Kaplan J.D. (2011-2012) is a judicial intern to US District Judge Richard J. Sullivan, Southern District of New York.

Nataniel Lelental (2014) is Project Associate at RTI International, a nonprofit “delivering the promise of science for global good.”

Jeffrey Lewis (2015) graduated from a Master’s program at Indiana University and just moved to Chicago to work as a Risk Consultant for Ernst & Young.

Liza Michaeli (2015) is interning at the Public Defender Service in D.C. this summer and hopes to apply to MA/PhD programs in English/philosophy.

Baruch Moore (2009) is a producer at I24 News, Tel Aviv.

Rebekah Paster (2015-16) is National Program Associate at Onward Israel.

Zack Peyzer (2013) is Director of Print and Media Affairs at the Israeli Consulate in New York.

Jonathan Portisch (2013) is getting a Masters at University of Florida in International Relations.

Ariel Pulver (2010) is a licensed Israeli tour guide.

Zach Scheinerman (2011) is Homeland Security Consultant at Sentinel Strategy and Policy Consulting LLC.

Tehilla Schwartz (2014) is completing LLB at Hebrew University and will be spending Fall semester 2017 in an exchange program in Italy.

Yishai Schwartz (2015) is a student at Yale Law School. Previously, he was an associate editor at Lawfare and a reporter-researcher for The New Republic.

Zach Schwarzbaum (2014) is a research assistant at The Center on Law and Security in New York.

Avraham Spraragen (2017) is a reporter/copy editor at the Long Island Jewish World.

Esther Ullberg (2014) is a student in International Relations at Sciences Po.

Guido Weiss (2012-14) is a Congressional Fellow at the U.S. House of Representatives.