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The Migration Wave into Europe: An Existential Dilemma


The Migration Wave into Europe: An Existential Dilemma
Members of the crew of the Italian Navy’s corvette Chimera help migrants in the Strait of Messina on June 14, 2014. (Marina Militare)

This book addresses the unprecedented dilemmas confronting European states resulting from mass immigration from Africa and the Middle East, which today constitutes one of the most complex challenges in international affairs.

This mass migration phenomenon raises key security, diplomatic, demographic, legal, and economic issues discussed in essays by Ambassadors Dore Gold and Alan Baker, Brig. Gen (ret.) Yossi Kuperwasser, and Dr. Tommaso Virgili, Professor Asa Kasher, and myself.

Perhaps most pressing, European host nations have also been forced to confront unprecedented moral and ethical dilemmas, as thousands of refugees wait precariously in unseaworthy boats in Mediterranean waters for humanitarian rescue and reception by European host countries.

Professor Asa Kasher, an essayist in this volume and the internationally renowned author of the Israeli Defense Forces Code of Ethics, discusses these challenges in his chapter, “Morality and Immigration.” These moral and ethical challenges have inspired the toughest questions, queries, probes and finally recommendations included herein.

Fiamma Nirenstein