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Hizbullah Opposed Israeli Plans for Limited “Battle Days,” Views Them as War

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Hizbullah Opposed Israeli Plans for Limited “Battle Days,” Views Them as War
Israeli equipment, displayed in September 2019, part of an IDF training program to prepare officers to fight against Hizbullah. (Israel Defense Forces)

As the IDF’s “Lethal Arrow” exercise began in the Northern Command (October 18-25, 2020), Hizbullah declared a heightened alert of all its regular and reserve units in Lebanon and Syria.  Al-Akhbar’s editor, Ibrahim al-Amin, who serves as the mouthpiece of Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah, noted that Hizbollah’s heightened alert included the deployment of combat troops, the operational deployment of strategic (missile and rocket) units, as well as support units.

Hizbullah’s state of emergency was kept quiet; Israel followed it closely, and as far as Hizbullah was concerned, Israel received the message that Hizbullah was ready for a military confrontation. Hizbullah made it clear that the new term, “Battle Days,” which the IDF uses to define limited military action as a large conflict – but as less than an all-out war – no longer exists. The term came to replace the concept of the “campaign between the wars” in which Israel permitted itself to bomb, assassinate, and hit Hizbullah targets. Hizbullah made it clear that it would not allow Israel to change the existing “power equation” and hit its strategic assets within the framework of the “Battle Days” concept, including the enhancement activities of its missile force, particularly its missile-precision project.

Hizbullah has made it clear that it will not allow a state of limited “Battle Days,” which by their scale, they perceive as an all-out war, and, therefore, à la guerre comme à la guerre, Hizbullah will achieve its goals by all means at its disposal. As reported in Israel,  Hizbullah’s means include 150,000 missiles and rockets of various types, including precision-guided munitions (PGM) with a 10-meter accuracy radius (CEP), which can cover the entire area of Israel. In the event of war, Hizbullah will not use them to decorate Lebanon; it will not store them as before, but will use them against the central Israel Dan region – whatever is needed.

Israeli communities along the Israeli-Lebanon border
Israeli communities along the Israeli-Lebanon border – the “Blue Line” demarcation line. (Wikimedia, UNIFIL map adapted by Thomas Blomberg)

Hizbullah also analyzed the “Lethal Arrow” exercise with regards to the IDF’s defense of the Galilee, including preparations for the evacuation of at least 22 communities on the Lebanese border. Hizbullah noted that Israel is preparing for a scenario in which Hizbullah forces will enter settlements in the Galilee to capture some of them, kidnap civilians, and hold hostages. For its part, Israel understands that Hizbullah not only has the will, but also the ability to achieve these goals.