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International Law – Media Perspectives : Apartheid

The Hidden Agenda Behind “Israel Apartheid Week”
Dore Gold  |  ApartheidWhat underlies the Israel Apartheid Week campaign is a highly politicized interpretation of Israel’s history. When the League of Nations decided to recognize the Jewish claim to a national home in 1922, it specifically recognized the pre-existing right of the Jewish people to what was to become British Mandatory Palestine. Israel Apartheid Week is a hypocritical initiative that ignores the apartheid practiced by the Palestinians themselves, who make the sale of land to Jews punishable by death.
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Palestine: the Real Apartheid State In the Making
David Bedein  |  Apartheid”Palestine” is an apartheid state in the making. During Israel Apartheid Week, orchestrated on campuses around the globe, the time has come to publicize this fact. In 1948 the Arab League of Nations applied the Apartheid model to Palestine and declared that Jews must be denied rights as citizens of Israel, while declaring a total state of war to eradicate the new Jewish entity, a war that continues today.
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