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First Palestinian Responses to the “Deal of the Century”

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First Palestinian Responses to the “Deal of the Century”
Demonstration against the “Deal of the Century” (Fatehgaza media)

Trump’s deal was received with fury in the Palestinian Authority’s Muqata headquarters in Ramallah, but it has not yet explicitly publicized how the Palestinian Authority would respond.

Our sources in Ramallah told us that the city’s tradesmen have refused to engage in the trade strike that the PA sought to initiate, and the parents of schoolchildren have refused to involve their children in PA demonstrations.

Our sources estimate that hundreds of protesters, consisting mostly of PA civil servants, participated in supervised demonstrations. Palestinian security officials fear that extremists such as Islamic Jihad and Hamas will take advantage of the turmoil to fire at IDF soldiers. Therefore, yesterday security forces conducted widespread arrests to prevent troublemakers liable to ignite uncontrollable outbreaks of violence.

At the PA’s request, the Arab League will meet in Cairo on Saturday, February 1, 2020, to discuss the Trump proposal.  

Ramallah also fears that Hamas in Gaza will “steal the show” with a violent response that will target Israel from Gaza, either by resuming the border fence demonstrations or by firing rockets at Israel.