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Briefing for European Ambassadors on Israel’s Response to Terrorism



On Thursday, May 25, 2017, the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs hosted a dinner at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem attended by the Ambassadors of Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Greece, Poland, Belgium, and the European Union.

The purpose of the event was to introduce the new Jerusalem Center publication, “Lessons from Israel’s Response to Terrorism,” edited by Fiamma Nirenstein, former Vice President of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Italian Parliament’s Chamber of Deputies and a Fellow of the Jerusalem Center.

Jerusalem Center President Amb. Dore Gold stressed the commonality of the European countries and Israel in facing the threat of jihadist terror, which makes no distinction between countries. He added that effective solidarity and coordination among all states is an essential factor in the war of the Western countries against jihadist terror.

Nirenstein explained that the publication provides the European countries with the most recent and updated lessons of Israel’s experience in dealing with terror, and Israel is willingly offering this information in order to assist Europeans in meeting the challenges they presently face.

Other Jerusalem Center experts presented various aspects of coping with terror from the security, legal, social, and psychological perspectives.

The European ambassadors explained the respective challenges their countries face in the field of terror, and were highly appreciative of the initiative to provide them with the lessons learned by Israel. They stressed their ongoing cooperation with the Israeli authorities, as well as their appreciation of what they are learning from Israel, especially in the field of aviation and airport security.

Briefing for European Ambassadors Briefing for European Ambassadors Briefing for European Ambassadors