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The War of a Million Cuts: The Struggle Against the Delegitimization of Israel and the Jews, and the Growth of New Anti-Semitism

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The War of a Million Cuts: The Struggle against the Deligitimization of Israel and the Jews, and the Growth of New Anti-Semitism

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“Despite all efforts in that front, the delegitimization campaigns [against Israel] have increased in number and extended in their reach. This book by Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld shows clearly how much and how.”
—From the foreword by José María Aznar
Former President of the Government of Spain

“Manfred Gerstenfeld … carefully documents the plethora of current expressions of hatred of Jews and Israel… It is a book not just to read but to act upon.”
—Daniel Herman
Minister of Culture, Czech Republic

“A compelling book … an effective antidote to the poison of anti-Semitism and double standards against Israel. It should be read carefully by policymakers in the Arab world as well as in Western countries, especially in Europe.”
—Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Italy

The War of a Million Cuts explains how the delegitimization of Israel and anti-Semitism can be fought. The book describes the hateful messages of those who defame Israel and the Jews, details why anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism have the same core motifs, and discusses the main groups of inciters, including Muslim states, Muslims in the Western world, politicians, media, NGOs, church leaders, those on the extreme left and the extreme right, Jewish self-haters, academics, social democrats, and many others. It explains how the hate messages are effectively transmitted to the public at large, and discusses what impact the delegitimization has already made on Israel and the Jews.

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ISBN: 978 1 61861 3417         Size: 6 x 9 inches         Pages: 502         Price: NIS90 + Delivery: NIS20