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Israel Is Us

Filed under: Anti-Semitism, Israel

“My premise is very simple: Israel, contrary to commonly accepted propaganda, is a positive model, a case study for anyone who finds himself living in a democratic society that must eventually confront a defensive war- one that encompasses the entire universe of Western democracy today.”

After many years of journalism, television and writing essays, Fiamma Nirenstein was elected in 2008 to the Italian Parliament, where she serves as Vice-chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs. She has written for Commentary, Moment, and the New York Sun. Her article for Commentary, “How Terrorist Bombers Are Made,” was quoted at length in the Wall Street Journal of September 12, 2001, to explain the Twin Towers attack. The pivotal focus and underlying idea in her work is the fight against totalitarianism and terrorism as linked to anti-Semitism and hatred toward Israel.

She continues to write books and contributes columns to Giornale daily, Panorama weekly, and Shalom magazine. She presents an annual course on the Middle East at Luiss University in Rome. She is on the board of the Magna Carta Foundation and is a fellow of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and the Hudson Institute in Washington. She is the recipient of many journalism and literary awards.