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Dore Gold Speaking on CNN

Why Israel Opposes International Forces in the Jordan Valley

Dore Gold on BBC Newsnight–Iran and Syria Violate UN Resolution 1701

Video: The Global March to Jerusalem: Part of the International Campaign to Delegitimize Israel

Ehud Rosen, senior researcher at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs analyses who is behind the March 2012 Global March on Jerusalem.Read More »

Muslim Brotherhood’s Rise in Egypt: Dore Gold on Fox News

The Muslim Brotherhood is a player in the future of the Egyptian government. With strong ties to groups such as Hamas and al-Qaeda, they are committed violence and to the use of force against U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iran, […]Read More »

Video: Counterterrorism Analysis – A counterterrorism strategy must include reducing the motivation and the operational capability of terrorists. The Bush and Obama Administration have both failed in their own way to address both parts of the equation, he said. Additionally, boosting moderate […]Read More »

How Does Iron Dome Protect Israel From Rockets?

Dr. Uzi Rubin, former director of Israel’s “Arrow” missile defense system, discusses the new measures being taken by Israel to protect itself against rockets fired from Hamas in Gaza. He also discusses the range of today’s rockets.Read More »