Zvi Gitelman

Zvi Gitelman studies ethnicity and politics, especially in former Communist countries, as well as Israeli politics, East European politics, and Jewish political thought and behavior. His most recent book is Jewish Identities in Postcommunist Russia and Ukraine: An Uncertain Ethnicity, published by Cambridge University Press in 2012.

Publications by Zvi Gitelman

Comparative Politics and the Jewish Political Experience

The study of Jewish political ideas, institutions and behavior has not been incorporated into comparative politics, nor have the concepts and tools of comparative politics
been used to illuminate the Jewish political experience. This article attempts to show how the study of the Jewish political heritage, distinguished by longevity, adaptability, and the development of both concepts and institutions worthy of study, could enrich comparative politics. Similarly, using concepts such as national integration, ethnopolitics, political culture, civil-military relations and others may help us understand better the experience of Jews both in the diaspora and in the State of Israel. Read More »