Yaakov A. Lattes

Dr. Yaakov Lattes is a lecturer in the Israel and Golda Koschitzsky Department of Jewish History at Bar Ilan University.

Publications by Yaakov A. Lattes

The Constitutional Documents of the Italian Jewish Community

This essay aims to compare different constitutional documents of Italian Jewish communities from the sixteenth century until the last document enacted in 1989, in order to give a lasting perspective of the development of some aspects of Jewish political organization, thought, and structure. These documents show the development of state policy toward Jews and Jewish institutions from the Renaissance up to the present. Read More »

The Organizational Framework of the Jewish Communities in Italy

In 1987 the Union of Italian Jewish Communities signed an agreement with the Italian government which established the overall framework of activity for this institution and its relationship to the Italian authorities. This agreement, published as a state law, changed many aspects of the former system of organization of the Italian Jewish communities. The agreement also empowered the Union of Jewish Communities to draft a constitution for Italian Jewry which will govern its internal life and institutions. Read More »