Ronnie Fraser

Ronnie Fraser is founder and chair of the Academic Friends of Israel ( He is a lecturer at Barnet College in London and a member of the NATFHE lecturers union.

Publications by Ronnie Fraser

The British Trade Union Movement, Israel, and Boycotts

Over the past thirty years the Trades Union Congress (TUC) and member unions have regularly adopted resolutions containing anti-Israeli and pro-Palestinian rhetoric. A whole generation of British left-wing trade union activists has been raised on a diet of conference motions whose only mention of Israel is in connection with its brutality and oppression of the Palestinian people. Read More »

Trade Union and Other Boycotts of Israel in Great Britain and Ireland

The United Kingdom more than any other country in the world has embraced the Palestinian call for academic, trade union, media, medical, architectural, and cultural boycotts of Israel. The driving force for this campaign is Britain’s trade union movement and its anti-Zionist activists on the far Left, such as the Socialist Workers Party (SWP). Read More »

The Academic Boycott of Israel: A Review of the Five-Year UK Campaign to Defeat It

There is an urgent need for a proactive strategy especially on the part of the UK Jewish community to build positive relationships with the leadership of institutions, trade unions, and professional bodies, something that has been lacking in recent years in the UK. It will be important to promote the positive side of Israel, for example, its academic excellence. The UK community also needs to monitor and record what is said by well-known anti-Zionists and boycotters, and to publish academic crit Read More »

The Academic Boycott of Israel: Why Britain?

No. 36  In April 2002, The Guardian published an open letter calling for a European Union moratorium on funding for grants and research contracts for Israeli universities. Since then, major attempts to boycott Israeli universities and academics have started in Britain. The […] Read More »