Ron Schliefer

Dr. Ron Schleifer (PhD, University of Leeds) is an Israeli expert on Information/Psychological Warfare (PSYWAR/PSYOPS) and military-media relations. He currently lectures at Ariel University, Bar Ilan University, and the Israeli Defense Force Tactical Command College. He is the Director of the Ariel Research Center for Defense and Communication.

Publications by Ron Schliefer


Negative image has become a major concern for Jews and Israelis. Standard arguments such as “reversal image of David and Goliath, ” Israeli democracy as a news gathering heaven, and split in freely expressed political views as opposed to Arab/Palestinian monolithic control, cannot explain properly the extentof Israeli helplessness in terms of image management.
This article argues that the roots of Israeli “hasbara” [a positive sounding synonym for “propaganda”] lay deep in Jewish history and the Zionist stage of Jewish history was not able to make a fundamental change. This article analyzes the various attitudes towards hasbara and outlines the deeper changes that Israel should internalize. Read More »