Prof. Maurice Roumani

Prof. Maurice Roumani is professor of politics and the Middle East at Ben-Gurion University and director of the Elyachar Center for Sephardi Studies.He is an expert on Muslim-Jewish relations, minorities, Jews in Arab countries, and the effects of modernization on ethnic groups in the Middle East.

Publications by Prof. Maurice Roumani

The Final Exodus of the Libyan Jews in 1967

The Libyan Jewish community, which went back 2,500 years, has ceased to exist. Its decline began in the 1940s with the application of Italy’s Racial Laws, Libyan Jews’ internment in concentration camps, and pogroms under the British administration. This led the large majority of Libyan Jews to emigrate to Israel after its establishment. The community’s situation continued to deteriorate after Libya’s independence in 1952. The country’s fierce nationalism expressed itself in anti-Israeli and Read More »