Prof. Gideon Shimoni

Professor (Emeritus) Gideon Shimoni is a former head of the Hebrew University's Institute of Contemporary Jewry, and held the Shlomo Argov Chair in Israel-Diaspora Relations. Among his books are The Zionist Ideology, (1995) and Community and Conscience: The Jews in Apartheid South Africa, (2003) both published by Brandeis University & University Press of New England.

Publications by Prof. Gideon Shimoni

Deconstructing the “Israel-Apartheid Equation”

Deconstructing Apartheid Accusations Against Israel

The accusation that Israel is an apartheid state is an insidious tool in the hands of those who deny the entitlement of Jews to a viable national home. The tool is so effective because it contains within it the precedent of the use of boycotts as a method of attack as was the case against apartheid South Africa. Even Israel’s relinquishment of all of the occupied West Bank would not dispel the fallacious Israel=apartheid accusation because it is rooted in a priori denial of Jewish nationalist n Read More »