Nitza Druyan

Nitza Druyan received her Ph.D. in Jewish History from Bar Ilan University in Israel. Her area of research concentrates on the modern Jewish experience, with emphasis on Yemenite Jewry, Middle-Eastern Jewish communities and socio-cultural trends in Israeli society.

Publications by Nitza Druyan

The Jewish Polity on Long Island – In Search of Continuity

According to a 1995 population study, there were 76,000 Jewish households in Nassau County and 37,000 in Suffolk, the two political divisions of Long Island. The Jewish polity in both counties is organized in two umbrella organizations: the Conference of Jewish Organizations of Nassau County (COJONC) and the Suffolk Jewish Communal Planning Council (SJCPC). This article discusses the membership of COJONC and SJCPC, their goals, and their activities. The detailed structures of both organizations are outlined in the appendices. UJA/Federation has thus far financially supported COJONC and SJCPC. Read More »