Nathan Yanai

Dr. Nathan Yanai is a Senior lecturer in the departments of Israeli Studies and Political Science at Haifa University.

Publications by Nathan Yanai

Changing Concepts of Movement Democracy: The Case of the Israeli Labor Movement

This article identifies and analyzes three concepts of democracy that have developed in the history of the Israeli Labor movement: institutional, competitive and pioneer. The institutional concept originated in the Labor party, and the Federation of Labor (Histadrut); the competitive concept was fully articulated by members of the circle of young leaders of Mapai in the 1950s; and the pioneer concept was developed by the collectivist kibbutz movement. The differences among the three concepts are discussed in relation to the suggested distinction between a system of democratic choice and a system of democratic approval.
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Ben-Gurion’s Concept of Mamlahtiut and the Forming Reality of the State of Israel

Ben-Gurion’s concept of mamlahtiut was at the center of his political ideology. It entailed not only the vision of an independent Jewish state, but primarily a set of principles
and modes of operation which he deemed essential for the formation of the state and considered highly critical for its preservation. Read More »