Mathan Ravid

Mathan Ravid has a BA from Uppsala University, Sweden. His fields are history and the history of religions. He has conducted research on anti-Semitism and the Swedish press in relation to Nazi Germany as well as gender roles in Rastafarian culture. Ravid has lived in Israel, Italy, and Germany.

Publications by Mathan Ravid

Antiracism for Anti-Jewish Purposes?: Reflections on the Swedish Mana Affair

At the beginning of 2008, a debate erupted in the Swedish media after members of the Swedish Arts Council (Kulturrådet) had, among other things, accused the left-wing journal Mana of anti-Semitism. Mana’s reaction was a categorical denial of all allegations, while suggesting it was the victim of a politically motivated witch-hunt. Although a survey of the journal shows that the accusations were justified, Mana’s claims that the criticism was policy-driven appealed to many of its defenders, and Read More »