Maj. Gen. (res.) Dr. Yom Tov Samia

Maj. Gen. (res.) Dr. Yom Tov Samia was Commander of the IDF Southern Command during 1997-2001. He was a member of the Israeli negotiation team during the Taba and Cairo talks for the implementation of the Oslo Accords. He also served as commander of the Israeli-Palestinian Joint Security Council (JSC).

Publications by Maj. Gen. (res.) Dr. Yom Tov Samia

Weapons Smuggling from Egypt to Gaza: What Can Egypt and Israel Do?

The next round in Gaza will look more like Lebanon than what Israel faced in Operation Defensive Shield in Judea and Samaria in 2002 or in previous rounds in Gaza. Israel should reoccupy the Philadelphi corridor between Egypt and Gaza and should stay there until we have had a peaceful relationship with the Palestinians for at least 25 years. Read More »