Lt. Col. Amos Guiora

Prof. Amos N. Guiora is professor of law and director of the Institute for Global Security, Law and Policy, Case Western Reserve University School of Law. He served for nineteen years in the Israel Defense Forces, holding senior command positions in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps including legal adviser for the Gaza Strip, judge advocate for the navy and Home Front commands, and commander of the IDF School of Military Law.

Publications by Lt. Col. Amos Guiora

Teaching Morality in Armed Conflict: The Israel Defense Forces Model

Teaching morality and ethics during armed conflict to combat units presents unique challenges to both military educators and commanders. Aspects of this complex issue include the prevailing military culture, the character of the military training, and the nontraditional combat zone. Armies regard the video as the most developed model for training soldiers about morality in armed conflict. Read More »

Balancing IDF Checkpoints and International Law: Teaching the IDF Code of Conduct

The IDF has decided to teach commanders about international law in order to enable them to more effectively carry out their missions. The IDF has developed a code of conduct that is a combination of international law, Israeli law, and the IDF’s own traditional ethical code – ruach tzahal, "the spirit of the IDF." The IDF has developed simulated educational computer programming. Read More »