Jonathan Jaffit

Jonathan Jaffit is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a double major in human biology and Jewish studies. He was the founding president of Betar-Tagar, the university's Zionist Student Association, and director of campus affairs for Betar-Tagar Canada. He received rabbinic ordination and is currently teaching at Ohr Sameach's Shoresh program in Jerusalem.

Publications by Jonathan Jaffit

Fighting Sheikh Zayed’s Funding of Islamic Studies at Harvard Divinity School: A Case Study

In July 2000 a $2.5 million endowment was made to the Harvard Divinity School by Sheikh Zayed, the dictatorial ruler of the emirate of Abu Dhabi Emirates, for the creation of a chair of Islamic studies. The stated purpose of the gift was "to promote a better understanding of Islam among the non-Muslim peoples of the world and to foster dialogue among the world’s great religions." Read More »